What makes us different?

Our commitment to innovation and research. We have extensive know-how, specialized in technology applied to various business sectors, which allows us to carry out many technological projects in various areas.

All this with a common denominator: technological innovation.

Thinking about working with 1sbio?
You should know:

There is an attitude that distinguishes each 1sbio employee. It is the evidence of a well-defined, well-articulated process and philosophy that has been clearly communicated and consistently demonstrated throughout our organization. What makes 1sbio different is a corporate culture that fosters growth, encourages innovative thought and challenges us to succeed.


“Getting it Right” is our responsibility, This philosophy applies to all aspects of your project, from beginning to end! When you hire us, we’ll be your advocate, your navigator, and an extension of your team. And, we know from experience, that as a result of our responsible accountability, we will develop a long-lasting relationship. We earn our clients trust and are highly respected for our ongoing commitment to each client and project we take on.