Productivity for Laboratories

The laboratory design has been a subject of constant development due to its different variations that can help increase the productivity of the personnel as well as the instruments used.


The use of the entire space expands the performance of the work area, as this can increase the number of equipment and thus use them to a greater extent. Likewise, the number of samples is greater with less time, also decreasing the cost of energy and personnel. Therefore, these factors must be taken into account at the time of laboratory construction.


Storage cabinets are laboratory furniture of great importance why they must handle certain measures or even specialized temperatures. Currently, mobile furniture is recommended for its effectiveness for research procedures for its support for the transport of instruments, samples and equipment to the different stations within the laboratory.

The creation of “open” laboratories is a current trend to generate teamwork. They favor the fellowship by sharing furniture and equipment and thus facilitate communication between scientists making the space more friendly and adaptable for future needs.


Modern science is increasingly social, so the most successful scientists share the ideology that laboratory design is a determining factor in carrying out efficient work. Therefore, science works best when it is backed by the architecture that facilitates structured and informal interaction, flexible use of space and the exchange of resources.


The Association of Scientific Equipment and Furniture (SEFA) assumes a leading role in promoting the cause of good laboratory planning. The package of services directed by SEFA members reflects the importance attached to the construction and cost-effective delivery, use of laboratory space, safety, productivity and environmental problems. SEFA members work together to establish, monitor and modify, as necessary, the best practices recommended throughout the industry in the areas of extraction hoods, laboratory work surfaces, furniture installations, case works and accessories. Other areas of common interest are also being explored.


Currently, SEFA recommended methods have been established and published for:


Cooker hoods (SEFA 1)
Facilities (SEFA 2)
Laboratory work surfaces (SEFA 3)
Glossary of terms (SEFA 4)
Scope of work (SEFA 5)
Laboratory and hospital accessories (SEFA 7)
Laboratory Cases – Metal (SEFA 8M); Phenolic (SEFA 8PH); Plastic laminate (SEFA 8PL); Polypropylene (SEFA 8P) and Wood (SEFA 8W)
Bells without ducts (SEFA 9)
Adaptable formwork systems (SEFA 10)
Storage of chemical liquids (SEFA 11)

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